Pionnière XMF by Phytomer

Name: Pionnière XMF.

Category: Anti-Aging cream.

Target: Face and neck wrinkles.

How: 1. After cleanse, apply an amount over face and neck.

         2.Spread all over the area, focusing in parts where wrinkles are thicker (forehead, smile lines and neck lines)

         3. Let the skin absorbs it. Then, if you need it, apply some serum.

When: Twice-daily, morning and night.

Recommended for: All skin types, over 45 years old.

Pros: Scientific. Youthful. Marine. High-Tech. Natural. Moisturizer. Biotechnology. Clinical test.

My favorite because… Always searching for the best natural ingredients in the ocean, Phytomer products are formulated with marine biotechnology. In the case of Pionière XMF, researches via lab replicate the youthful properties from a plankton micro-organism. This youthful features moisturize skin and stimulate the synthesis of collagen, helping to tight and firm the skin, vanishing the expression lines and wrinkles.

Price: $$$$ (50 ml)

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