Rose de Grasse by Aerin

Name: Rose de Grasse.

Category: Candle.

Target: Home perfume.

Main Ingredients: Rose Centifolia, Ambrette Seeds and Bulgarian Rose .

Aroma: Fresh. Elegant. Relaxing. Luxurious. Subtle.

My favorite because…. Candles, another product to add to your bucket list of grooming, well, by the book this category belongs to wellness world. Scented candles are an ancient way to perfume any space, a subtle way they provide an olfactory experience to any environment. Talking specifically of Aerin’s Rose de Grasse, it has been the best aroma that we ever perceived in a candle, it’s that simple. It is like having the same quality of a perfume transferred into the candle. Romantic, subtle and luxurious are the right words to describe this high-end aroma. To enhance the performance of the candle, we recommend to light it an hour before from the moment you want to use it, this will help to spread and full progressively the room with the scent. The price of the candle could be a bit expensive. But if you are decided to invest some money in a quality wellness product, this will be the right option, you won’t regret.

Price: $80 (per piece)

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