Cactus Water by Boscia

Name: Cactus Water.

Category: Moisturizer.

Target: Face and neck.

How: 1.After cleanse and serum, spread a pea-sized amount over skin.

          2.Let the skin absorbs it and continue with SPF protection.

When: We recommend to apply it during morning routine, because it provides the necessary hydration for all day long. Also works well at nighttime routine to restore skin after sun exposition.

Recommended for: Oily, dry and sensitive skins around 20 years old.

Main ingredients: Cactus succulent (nourish and rebound dry skin), Aloe Vera extract (restore skin moisture after sun exposure).

Pros: Light-weight formula. Intense moisture. Quick absorbing. Redness reduction.

My favorite because… The main ingredient of this moisturizer is Mexican Cactus. That’s right! that dry plant which is grown in the middle of the desert, in fact, it is full of water on the inside (to survive the hottest temperatures). In Bosnia’s formula, the cactus works as a super boost of moisture for skin, especially during summer and winter seasons. If you are looking for a light-weight and odorless moisturizer this is the right bet. It will create a protective barrier, to keep the right levels of humidity of skin.

Price: $38 (47.59 ml)

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