Lait U by Biologique Recherche

Name: Lait U.

Category: Cleanser.

Target: Face impurities and grimes.

How: 1.Apply one pump over your palm.

         2.Wet your face and spread the milk gently all over your face and neck.

         3.Rinse well and continue with toner or serum.

When: Nighttime routine, this product effectively removes every trace of import and grime.

Main ingredients: White asparagus, to purify skin and Ion cleansing molecules to absorbe grimes.

Recommended for: Sensitive and oily skins over 25 years old.

Main Ingredients: Wheat Germ extract and Sweet Almond oil.

Pros: Non-irritating formula. Deep cleanse. Leaves skin with soft texture.

My favorite because… Milks, these creamy products, at first sight, look like moisturizers (cream texture) but in fact, they are cleansers. Originally applied to remove traces of make-up, nowadays also are used to clean face, regardless if you put makeup or not. We recommend milks to be used over masculine skins for two reasons; 1)They are a very soft way to clean, if you have sensitive skin Lait U by Biologique Recherche will be the right option to apply. 2) If you want to do a double cleansing, one of your cleansers should be a milk (as your first step). As we mentioned before don’t irritate the skin, so if you apply two cleansers try to use a couple of formulas that don’t harsh the skin. Milks are a new option for men to achieve a light -an effective- purifying routine.

Price: $$$ (150 ml)

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