Milky Skin care

Milky Skin care

We just starting to getting used to foam and gel cleansers and micellar waters, but there is a new pal to bring into our grooming routine: Milks. That’s right you heard correctly, milks, like the one that everyone drink in the morning.                                                                                                               

But wait! don’t go to your fridge and pour a milk bottle over your face. Milks are a more gentle way to cleanse our face. With a creamy texture, it will keep the natural oils of skin and won’t harsh it or leave it with a dry touch, so face will stay balance and hydrate.

And you are asking yourself; Do I need a soft cleanser? Well, the answer depends on your skin type. For those with sensitive skin, this grooming product is a must-have -almost mandatory-. Also for ones who are decided to include a double-cleanser routine, it’s necessary to incorporate milk as your first step, because it will get rid off grimes, pollutant particles and dirtiness, without harsh the skin.

Now it is time to show our three favorites;

Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser by Murad. In the beginning, milks were aimed to cleanse women face make-up, how? by ‘melting’ the product over the face. Now, this method has been applied to clean every type of skin, doesn’t matter if you wear make-up or not. Besides, this milk includes the It-ingredient: Prebiotic. It will help to improve the skin protective barrier and boost the performance of skin care products.

Milk Cleanser by Sioris (Meikki). If you are looking for a plus in a soft-glente cleanser, the one from Sioris will be the deal. Always following its fresh and organic philosophy, the Korean brand includes organic green plum water (milks are formulated with high porcentage of water) and macadamia seed oil, working as an antioxidant and invigorate the skin. In addition, this milk maintains the right pH levels, so if you forget the tonic, don’t have to worry about it.

Vegetable Cleansing Milk by Biologique Recherche. A pea-size of this creamy milk will be enough to spread gently over your face and neck, remove it with damp cotton or just rinse off the product. Instantly you will notice the difference between this milk from a traditional cleanser, it leaves skin with a soft hydrated touch and you notice how face doesn’t get irritated just right before finish the cleanse. The key ingredients are the wheat germ extract and almond oil.

Photo: Vanessa Nieves @vannessanievesfoto

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