True Water Deep Emulsion by Thank You Farmer

Name: True Water Deep Emulsion.

Category: Emulsion.

Target: Face and neck, special those dry areas on face.

How: 1.After cleanse and serum, apply 2 pumps over fingers.

          2.Dab lightly over face.

          3.Let the skin absorbs it and continue with moisturizer (optional) and SPF protection.

When: We recommend to apply it during night time routine (instead of the moisturizer). Also you can apply at morning routine, before the moisturizer.

Recommended for: Oily, dry and sensitive skins around 25 years old.

Main ingredients: Fig extract (maintains lively skin), Centella Asiatica extract (prevents skin oiliness), Elm Tree Root extract (smooth skin and natural glow)

Pros: Ligh-weight formula. Intense moisture. Quick absorbing.

My favorite because… First of all let’s clarify this new term: emulsion. An emulsion is an in-between step in moisturizer and serum. It works as a moisturizer cream but with a lighter-gel-water base texture. It will penetrate a bit more than a traditional cream, but less than a serum. To explain in simple words; the same benefits of a moisturizer but with a lighter formula.TYF has aimed this product clearly to its male costumers. Why? Because it’s a non-sticky refreshing light-weight formula, that leaves skin fresh and free of oily skin. Besides, the strong citrus scent will help to invigorate your skin, this type of emulsion is great to use during hot seasons. When cold season arrives we recommend you to complement your routine with a traditional cream moisturizer to boost your skin protection and moisture levels.

Price: $33 (130 ml)

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