Tonic Body Treatment Oil by Clarins

Name: Tonic Body Treatment Oil.

Category: Body Oil.

Target: Body dryness and odor.

How: 1. After shower spread a couple of drops over your body.

         2.Let the skin absorbs it.

When: Daily on your morning routine.

Recommended for: All skin types

Key ingredients: Hazelnut, Rosemary and Mint..

Pros: Hydrates and perfumes body. Smooth touch. Improves-boosts fragrance scent.

My favorite… These category of body oils are perfect to improve your body smell. To be more clear on this statement, for example, when you are traveling and have to take a plane or a bus for many hours or even if you will be walking for a long period of time, the body after a couple of hours will be ending up smelling weird -an unpleasant odor-. That’s when the body oil comes into action because instead of emanating that odor, you will feature to the oil’s formula. Besides, if you want to boost perfume’s performance, after taking a shower spread the oil over body, and right away spray fragrance too, the oil will help to stick better the perfume particles to the body.

Price: $$ (100 ml)

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