Matifying Stick by Givenchy

Name: Matifying Stick by Givenchy.

Category: Matifying tool.

Target: Oil and greasy areas.

How: 1. Roll across greasy areas the stick tool (most common are forehead, cheeks and nose).

         2.Gently massage product over the face.

When: Daily on your morning routine. Reapply it once or twice a day only if it’s necessary.

Recommended for: Oily skins.

Key ingredients: Silica resin.

Pros: Innovative product. Unifies skin tone. Reduce pores’ appearance. Easy to use and to carry with you.

My favorite because… I really like Givenchy’s Mister line, because it’s an innovative -and genderless- way to retouch and beautify our face. Especially to us, because didn’t have a range of products to enhance -using makeup- our skin, and at the same time still looking with a natural finish. This stick roll is my favorite due to it helps a lot to control-disguise-mattify every greasy area of my face. Best of all is the practical way to apply it, in just seconds the skin will look with a velvety effect, won’t leave any white trace. The stick works as an Instagram or Photoshop effect, leaving skin with a smooth-blur natural effect. 

Price: $$ (100 ml)

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