It’s a wrap… for oily skin

It’s a wrap… for oily skin

A big –and obvious- difference between men’s and women’s skin is oil. That’s right, our skin owns more sebaceous glands than women, in consequence, our face looks greaser and with open pores. Therefore, we always have to look for grooming products which aim this concern. Actually there is a big beauty trend focused to launch all kind of formulas to fight back oiliness. We’ve decided to try a lot of them and select our top five products which effectively reduce, hide or get rid of oily skin.

Lab Series, Oil Control Solution.

This toner will help to balance and detoxify the skin, it will absorb and remove excess oil. To use the formula, just shake it well and spread (with a cotton pad) over the entire face. Finally, the salicylic acid is one of the key ingredients to seek when you are trying to build a routine aimed to control grease.

Givenchy, Matifying Stick.

Recently this French brand has developed a genderless make-up line –called Mister- and definitely our favorite product is the stick focused on unifies and reduces the appearance of pores. To apply it is very simple, just roll over the face once have completed your routine. It will keep oil under control, but if feel the need to reapply the stick, do it once or twice throughout the day.

Biologique Recherche, Serum Dermopore.

There is a grim reality with pores; we could never erase, vanish or disappear them. But that doesn’t mean there are no options to reduce tighten pores –especially during hot seasons-. This serum will be an option if you want to tighten their appearance, we recommend to be patient and tenacious if you want to see effective results. One drop –or 1 ml- will be enough to spread all over the nose and cheeks, apply too much of the product won’t help to improve their performance over face.

Abib, Heartleaf Essence (Meikki).

All products aimed to regulate or control oily should be used with restraint. By this statement we mean, you have to let the skin rest, and during this period it will be great to use a subtle formula. The one by Abib (buy it at Meikki) is perfect for these situations, its super lightweight formula will care of sensitive skin, providing a soothing effect and at the same time achieving a soft oil-control effect.

Bioderma, Photoderm Spot-age SPF 50+.

There’s been left in the past the time when sunscreens were heavy-textured and with an ultra grease-finish. Now most of them –especially the ones by Bioderma- leaves face with a matte tone and of course well protected against the UV rays. In addition, this product will prevent aging and moistures skin. We know, sounds like the product we have been waiting for a long time!

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