Oil Capsule Cleanser by Dr. Gloderm (Meikki)

Name: Oil Capsule Cleanser.

Category: Cleanser.

Target: Face impurities and grimes.

How: 1.Take out one oil capsule and twist it.

         2.Squeeze content over the palm.

         3.Gently massage the oil texture on face and rinse well.

When: Nighttime routine, this cleanser has been aimed to remove impurities we caught during the day. One ampule contains enough oil to be applied in two routines, so share it with your special one.

Main ingredients: White asparagus, to purify skin and Ion cleansing molecules to absorbe grimes.

Recommended for: Sensitive skins over 15 years old.

Pros: Deep cleanse. Oil-free. Gently formula. Amazing scent. Tension effect- free.

My favorite because… My first impression about this unconventional cleanser -at least for me- was ‘WOW!, but what I’m gonna do with these capsules… maybe they are serums’ But when I read the instructions discovered it was an oil cleanser, a new product for me. That night I started to test it and loved it since the first use. Starting with the new experience provided of applying a cleanser. The amazing scent, I describe it as relaxing, soft and fresh. And last, but most important the performance over my skin, it left a tension-free sensation, in fact with a soft touch and a purified feeling.

Price: $$ (1 pack with 40 ampoules)

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