Rituals for Hair

Rituals for Hair

Nowadays there are no reasons to don’t own a great hair. We have selected our favorite four products to make look perfect our scalp. Masks, treatments, serums and oils will make into our best friends to achieve this goal.

1.Purifying sebo-regulating treatment. Biologique Recherche. We’ve to tell you, this product it’s a great option for all men who suffer about oily skin and scalp too. This French brand has developed a mask to regulate sebo production. Apply a small amout of it over your face or hair and since the first use, you will notice how the excess of oil over the skin disappears. Just realize that Biologique Recherche’s mask has an intense performance, so we recommend to apply just twice a month (maximum).

2.Revitalizing Fortifying Serum. Hair Rituel by Sisley. For those men who are struggling against hair loss, Sisley has designed a specific line to fight against this common problem. This formula is based on plant extracts and proteins, helping to get stronger and denser hair. Use it once a week, once you have finished with the product let your hair recover and rest for a couple of months, and then continue with maintenance.

3.Nourishing Oil. Living Proof. Another proof that there are great products aimed to improve the appearance of our hair. We don’t know exactly how to describe the performance of this serum but it will enhance the volume of the hair, making it look shiny and strong and finally it will add a soft touch, nourishing the driest-coarsest hair. One pump will be more than enough to spread all over the head, leave the product and style it with a comb. Once or twice a week will ok to maintain your hair healthy and shiny.

4.Pure-formance Composition Oil. Aveda Men. Sometimes our scalp could get irritated, especially if we’ve been exposed to sunlight directly. To take care and nourish it you should apply an essential oil to calm and soothe the skin. The multi-functional blend of Aveda’s oil will help to treat this concern, after leaving it for a couple of minutes over hair continue with shampoo. Besides, could apply this oil also to body, it will treat dry areas and at the same time add a great aroma to the body.

Photo by: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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