Tommy Now by Tommy Hilfiger

Name: Tommy Now.

Category: Eau de Toilette.

Target: Body.

How: 1.Spray all over the body -trunck and face- right after shower.

When: Three times a day.

Main notes: Moss, Ginger and Cardamom.

Aroma: Deep. Fresh. Spicy. Nocturnal.

My favorite because…. Clearly this fragrance was aimed to be wearing during a spring night. From the design of the bottle, a deep color blue with a plastic-like texture, to the scent an intense-youthful aroma thanks to the fungus note of the moss, which adds the nocturnal mood, plus  ginger and citrus notes provide the vibrancy and juvenile side.

Perfect for: As we mentioned before Tommy Now goes well for spring and summer nights. But we are not talking about those fancy occasions, we are referring to those evenings when the mood it’s totally relax and easy-going, could a party at the beach, a casual dinner with friends or even could the pick to wear during vacation time.

Type of man: Tommy Hilfiger always has been a brand related to young people. It is usually to find in their fashion aesthetic colorful designs, trendy silhouettes and denim everywhere. That is why we target this fragrance to young adults. Besides, if you are over your 30’s and want to try this fragrance go ahead, we are sure you are gonna love it.

Price: $$$ (100 ml)

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