Just One Drop

Just One Drop

We have selected five serums with an outstanding performance over masculine skins.

A serum is a must-have in everyone’s grooming routine. Why? Because this specific formula has thoroughly designed to have a great performance over the skin (due to its high concentration of ingredients), the most common benefits that one drop could give you are: hydrate, energize, regenerate and add a great -healthy- appearance of skin.

1.Discoloration Defense, SkinCeuticals. A serum always could give you extra benefits, for example, this one from SkinCeuticals besides of moisturizing skin, also it focuses on fight dark spots or discoloration patches over skin (improves an even appearance of skin tone). If you want to see results use it on a daily basis twice a day and limit sun exposure, -it could be a good option use it during winter season.

2.The Rejuvenating Hand Serum, La Mer. It is well-known that most of serums are aimed to take care of face and neck, that is why La Mer decided to go a step further and launched a formula focused on one of the body’s most exposed areas: the hands. If you are around early-thirties or more start to using it right now! and you will avoid -or at least reduce- skin’s discoloration.

3.A Calming Day, Sioris (Meikki). We always recommend applying serums during nighttime routine, because the active ingredients will have better performance while skin is recovering. But if you are looking for a serum (ampoule) for the day, we put our bet on the one by Sioris. An ultra-lightweight formula -literally feels like water- will deeply moisturize and energize the skin, besides, it will add a natural-glow-effect to your face.

4.White Truffle Serum, NeoGen. As we mentioned before, it’s very common to find exclusive ingredients used in serums. The white truffle -an expensive delicacy mushroom applied in some of the fanciest dishes- now it’s time to give a new twist to this ingredient and start to use it for skin-care. In contrast with other serums, this one comes in an oily presentation, a super lightweight texture that efficiently penetrates the deepest layer of your skin.

5.Crystalline Concentré, La Prairie. Of course we couldn’t finish this article without mention the advanced and high-end formulas developed by this Swede brand. Caviar wasn’t enough for this serum, they add an extra hint of diamond powder to help revere the elasticity and firmness that aging has stolen.

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