Pure-formance Firm Hold Gel by Aveda Men

Name: Pure-formance Firm Hold Gel.

Category: Hair gel.

Target: Hair.

How: 1. Apply a small amount over your scalp to achieve a natural-shine-look.

         2. Comb with your finger and allow to dry naturally (it’s a tip from the brand).

When: After shower or when you need to style your hair.

Recommended: Suitable for all hair types. Better performance during summertime due to the UVA protection.

Pros: Natural hold. UVA protection. Instant results. Cruelty free. Aromatic scent.

My favorite because… Sometimes when we have to review some hair styling products, turns a bit difficult because most of them share the same features, making difficult to find what makes them stand out from others. Aveda Men line, specific this gel, stands out for three things. First, the natural hold, some gels leave hair with a stiff look, even changing the natural movement of your hair, Pure-formance will respect the natural definition of hair and at the same time will provide a hold for all day long. The second was the aroma, it smells like a nice herbal perfume due to the mix of flowers and herbs like vetiver (a must in perfumery), lavender and spearmint. Finally the UVA protection, it’s tough to find hair products with solar protection (in fact this is the first one for me), so if you find a gel with this outstanding feature hang onto it, your hair will be grateful for that.

Price: $25 (150 ml)

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