Cleansing Gel Cell Active by Lidherma

Name: Cleansing Gel Cell Active.

Category: Cleanser.

Target: Face impurities.

How: 1.Pump a generous amount ove your palm.

         2.Gently massage all over the wet face.

         3.Rinse well, and continue with toner.

When: During the shower.

Recommended for: Sensitive and combination skins.

Ingredients: Soy sprouts and amphoteric tensioactive (especial formula to remove impurites).

Pros: Amazing scent. Don’t foam. Gentle formula.

My favorite because…. When I tested Lidherma’s cleanser three things stood out immediately. The first the scent, it could be a non-relevant characteristic in the product, but if you have the chance to try this cleanser I’m pretty sure you will agree with me -fresh, invigorating and masculine are some words to describe it. The second, don’t create foam, it’s the first face cleanser that leaves skin free of foam, so if you are looking for an easy and useful soap this is the one to bet. Last, is an Argentinian brand, I’m really glad to find out that not only Europeans and Orientals design grooming products, hoping that this is the beginning of a new era for Latin-American brands of skin care.

Price: $ (100 g)

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