Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige (Meikki)

Name: Water Sleeping Mask.

Category: Hydrating Mask.

Target: Dry skin.

How: 1.After cleanse and serum, spread a thick layer all over the face.

         2.Leave it overnight (it will get absorbed in a couple of minutes).

         3.The morning after wash off your face.

When: Once a week during nighttime routine, or for those days when the skin have been exposed to sunlight -summer or winter- for a long period of time.

Recommended for: All skin types over 20 years old.

Pros: Hydrating booster. Recharge dull skin. Repair of external stressors. Deeper skin penetration.

Ingredients: Water, Evening-Primerose and Apricot extract and Mineral combo (zinc, manganese, magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium) .

My favorite because… I really like this type of mask because don’t have to rinse it off, that means if you are in a rush or have had a busy and stressful day and just want to reach your bed, this mask is very easy and quick to apply, best of all, you don’t have to wait until it dries! Because the Water Sleeping Mask is gonna work throughout the night. I like to apply on those days when my skin needs an extra boost of hydration -for example after a festival where I been under sunlight for hours- the mask will be like an extra shot of water to calm and recover skin during nighttime. The gel texture could feel a bit thick (heavy) over face, but after a couple of minutes it will get absorb and will start working through the different layers of skin.

Price: $25 (70 ml)

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