Whiter Than White

Whiter Than White

We’ve chosen five products aimed to take care of the skin during cold season. Most of them are thick formulas which provides a strong barrier to maintain well moisturized our face, eyes and body. Don’t wait any longer! Check the next info and find out the allies for winter season.

1. A Pure Cleanser. If you want to avoid cleanse your face with cold water from the tap, Thank You Farmer has designed a cleanser water -best of all it has been extracted from the purest spring waters in Iceland. Just pour over a cotton pad and gently swipe across face and neck, it will leave the skin with the cleanest touch.

2. A White Eyes. We will never tire of saying this: Eye’s skin is the most delicate and thin, due to this you have to take special care of it. Replace the refreshing eye gel used during summertime and instead start with La Mer’s cream, it will provide a thick protecting barrier to the skin. Good news! The applicator will simplify the task.

3. Hydrating Mask. An intense boost of hydration will be necessary once in a while. Laneige’s water mask will replenish the lack of moisture while you are sleeping. Just apply a thick layer over the face and neck, go to sleep and the next morning wash off the excess. You can buy it in Meikki, the masters in Korean beauty.

4. Hands and Body. Most of the time we pay way more attention to take care of face, leaving aside other parts of our body, for example the hands. This pair is exposed to external aggressors in the same way as the face, hence L’Occitane’s hand cream is a must-have for everyone. Furthermore, the special packaging by Castelbajac Paris gives a hint of style.

5. A Whiter Moisturizer. Believe or not, our skin gets dry and irritated during this cold season -you can tell it by those red spots over cheeks. To quench the skin Givenchy’s white creamy moisturizer -looks like a whip cream- will be a right bet due to its unctuous and thick formula. Apply during morning to protect and overnight to replenish.

Photo: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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