UV Anti-Pollution Multi-Protection SPF 50

Name: UV Anti-Pollution Multi-Protection SPF 50.

Category: SPF.

Target: Face, neck and body.

How: 1.After moisturize, apply a very small amount over face and neck. Also can apply a generous amount to your body.

         2.Let it get absorb by skin.

When: During morning routine

Recommended for: Dry skin over 20 years old.

Pros: All-in-one performance. Prevents premature aging. Invisible texture. Water and sweat resistant.

My favorite because… During winter time it’s important to continue putting on an SPF protection, maybe there isn’t too much sunlight, but the UV rays continue damaging our skin cells. Clarins’ SPF is an option for those men who live in cities where winter really becomes miserable, the thick-heavy formula features over skin protecting it from sunlight, cold air, and even a snowstorm. Furthermore, you will get a double benefice due to the Anti-Pollution Complex developed by Clarins to prevent premature aging. FYI: If you have oily or combination skin opts for a lightweight SPF, Clarins’ one has been aimed for those with dry skin or, as we mentioned before, places where weather causes skin’s dehydration.

Price: $$ (50 ml)

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