Instant Filter Moisturizer by Lab Series

Name: Instant Filter Moisturizer.

Category: Moisturizer with rebalancing effect.

Target: Face.

How: 1.After cleanser, grab a pea-size amount and spread evenly over your face.

         2.Let it get absorbed by the skin.

When: During morning routine. The main goal of this moisturizer is to achieve a smooth skin appearance during the day. 

Recommended for: Oily and Pockmarked skin over 20 years old.

Pros: Enhance brightness. Rebalance overall tone. Smooth skin’s appearance. Disguise redness.

My favorite because… We’ve reviewed many types of moisturizers for many years, some of them aimed at both women and men, and others especially addressed to masculine concerns. Lab Series -the expert in men’s skin care- has developed an outstanding moisturizer focused to achieve the perfect look in every man. Performing as a digital filter for real life, this moisturizer provides a smooth and rebalancing look over the face, apply it during morning routine and definitely get rid of oil excess and skin redness during the whole day.  Besides, the formula contains some reflecting particles aimed to disguise skin imperfections (needless to say, but we refer to this minor pockmarks, pores or acne) bringing out a natural shine to skin. 

Price: $36 (50 ml)

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