A Cocktail for Cold Season

A Cocktail for Cold Season

During this festive time, we are sure that you’ll have many drinks, cocktails and refreshments to celebrate Christmas season. But also a scented cocktail will be a necessary party, we’ve selected the most emblematic aromatic mixes to add as your final touch before festivities start.

1.Wood Essence, Bvlgari. The mix: Cypress + Vetiver + Citrus. The lightest scent of our list, this fragrance will take you directly to your natural roots. The blend of woody and earthy ingredients results into a pleasant aroma perfecto to wear it during daytime.

2.Ambre Nuit, Christian Dior. The mix: Amber + Rose. A bold blend between two strong aromas, if you are looking for a fragrance which bring out a sophisticated and refined side, the distinctive perfume of Turkish Rose it’s the bet. One spray will be more than enough to captivate every sniff.

3.Solo, Loewe. The mix: Lavender + Guava + Pepper. The whole notes could apply perfectly as a fancy cocktail too. The Spanish brand always chooses intense and deep aromas which perform well during nighttime. Don’t miss it out! Add an extra hint of style to your look.

4.The Scent: Private Accord, Hugo Boss. The mix: Cacao + Maninka + Ginger. Like Boss describes their fragrance as ‘mischievous & playful’. If you are planning a unique evening with that special person this scent is the right option to wear during that unmissable occasion.

5.Wanted by Night, Azzaro. The mix: Cinnamon + Tobacco + Cedar. A fragrance that is perfect to wear on a daily basis during the winter season. The balanced aroma between intense and sweet, it will add that extra shot of seductiveness that you need.

Photo: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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