A Meal For Skin

A Meal For Skin

Food and grooming, moreover the double ‘o’ these words have more in common. We’ve chosen six ingredients -from caviar to cinnamon- and paired them with a skin or body care formula which transforms this ‘edible’ in a beauty product.

1.Avocado: Drink Up Intensive, Origins. Guacamole mask? could be an option, although this time they created a hydrating formula to be used during the night. On a daily basis, you will tell the difference the morning after, when the skin stays moisturized all-day-long.

2.Coffee: Booster Detox, Clarins. Starting the day with a cup of coffee could be a great idea, but also can add it to your grooming morning routine. Due to its detoxifying properties it helps to revive and plump skin. Just add 3 drops to your moisturizer and see the difference.

3.Cinnamon: All-one Toothpaste, Dr. Bronner’s. If you want to achieve a fresh breath and best of all take a real care of your mouth, this organic toothpaste totally free of every synthetic stuff is the right option. Not a big fan of cinnamon taste? They have another two flavors mint and anise.

4.Caviar: Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, La Prairie. This delicacy food item has been turned into gold pearls to bring out the best of skin. An exclusive serum aimed to lift and firm tired skin.

5.Grape: VinoPure Serum, Caudalie. Born in the heart of vineyards this French beauty house extract all the nutritional benefits of grape-seeds (polyphenols) to skin care. Instead of make wine with the fruit, they formulated a potent serum to reactivate the natural glow of skin.

6.Honey: Rêve de miel Body Scrub, Nuxe. Totally sure that honey is one of the most used ingredients in beauty. But Nuxe developed a complete line focusing on this comforting and sweet ingredient. Addressed to ultra-dry skins it will leave it with a smooth touch.

Photo: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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