Black Gel by The Barberia

Name: Black Gel by The Barberia.

Category: Hair gel.

Target: Unruly Hair.

How: 1. Apply a small amount over your scalp to achieve an ultra-strong hold.

         2. Comb and style hair.

When: After shower. Apply it once a day will be more than enough for whole day.

Recommended: Suitable for all hair types, but it has a better performance over unruly, thick and wavy. Besides goes perfect taming frizz effect.

Pros: Ultra hold. Long-lasting effect. Instant results.

My favorite because… For those who are looking to definitely tame that unruly or thick hair, The Barberia -a Peruvian brand- has designed a thick textured gel with an extra-ultra-mega-hold. The formula promotes keep in place every hair, thus if you want to maintain a neat-dandy hair-look all day long this gel is the right pick. In fact, the only way to get rid of this stronghold will be the morning after when you jump into the shower, that is why a small amount of the product will be more than enough for a day.

Price: $ (220 ml)

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