Nodé Fluid by Bioderma

Name: Nodé Fluid.

Category: Shampoo.

Target: Hair.

How: 1.Apply to wet hair.

         2.Massage gently.

         3.Rinse well.

When: Every day during shower time.

Recommended for: All hair types. Specially thin hair (sensitive scalp).

Pros: Non-detergent. Deep cleansing. Gently formula. Detox effect.

My favorite because… I recommend this shampoo for two reasons. The first one is due the gentle formula, I mean, sometimes -at least for me- you have to alternate your daily-basis shampoo to avoid a high concentration of some ingredients or chemicals on your scalp. Thus, Bioderma’s shampoo is the right one to apply, works like a detoxifying-shampoo for the hair. Use it until you finish with it and then start to use again the other shampoo. The other reason is clearly aimed for those who suffer a hair-loss condition, due to it’s a ‘respectful’ formula that won’t damage or harm hair, so if you are already losing hair and it’s too late to revert it at least this shampoo will take care of the remaining hair.

Price: $9.90 (400 ml)

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