True Water Vita Mist by Thank You Farmer

Name: True Water Vita Mist.

Category: Water.

Target: Face and body.

How: 1.During sun exposure spray over face or body, don’t forget to shake it to blend the oil with the water.

         2.Let the skin absorbs it.

When: Four of five times a day.

Recommended for: All skin types over 15 years old.

Pros: Vitamin-enriched water. Refreshing sensation. Vitamin boost. Instant hydration.

My favorite because… A great bi-phase or bi-formula water, but first of all: What it’s a bi-formula product? This new concept has been referred to products which contain different -and separate- ingredients packed in the same one, and to obtain the best performance of them, have to blend or shake it to achieve the right and powerful performance over your skin. Thank You Farmer designed a refreshing product which combines water and oil, both of them are fully charged with vitamins -to be exactly 13 types of vitamins, 2 within the oil and 11 in the water. Immediately your face or body will be supplied with a charge of hydration relieving skin dryness and creating a protecting barrier full of vitamins -like avocado oil, vitamin A, B1, E, etc. Best of all, you can take it everywhere, just drop it in your bag and that’s all.

Price: $25 (105 ml)

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