Bilateral Grooming

Bilateral Grooming

Bilateral Grooming, what the heck is that! Has been the way that we’ve chosen to call the products which incorporate -in a separated way- their ingredients, and to achieve the best performance of them have to blend, mix or shake them. Other names given to this type of technology could be bi-phase or bi-formula, but we prefer the one we ‘created’ because you will see, even in the design of the packaging, the two-sided part of each grooming product.

1.Line Interception Power Duo by La Prairie

Bilateral formula: Day and night cream (in the same bottle)

The way of use: Pump it.

Let’s start with a 2-in-1 product, in the same container you will have a day and night cream, just pick the right dispenser and pump it. If want to give a new twist to the formula, combine both creams, we are pretty sure this power duo works better when they are united.

2.Hydra-Sculp by Clarins Men

Bilateral formula: Gel and moisturizer cream.

The way of use: Pump and blend it.

A gel-cream a great tandem! The gel provides a cooling effect and tight skin, meanwhile, the ‘thick’ cream soothes and leaves the skin soft. The mix of both gives a matte finish and shine-free skin. The aim of this bi-formula? Define and firm the jawline area, make it part of a daily basis and you will prevent the double chin effect.

3.True Water Vita Mist by Thank You Farmer

Bilateral formula: Oil and water (both full of vitamins)

The way of use: Shake and spray it.

If you are looking for a grooming refreshment and at the same time a way to protect your skin, the Korean brand has developed a refreshing water charged with vitamins. The oil part provides essential oils -like avocado’s- and the water section it’s a full cocktail of vitamins -mostly citrus, it will make you feel in an oasis.

4.Shake & Shot Rubber Hydro Mask by Dr. Jart

Bilateral formula: Vitamin B5 water and Booster serum.

The way of use: Blend, shake and spread it.

A DIY mask, blend the right amount of each envelope (half of water and full of serum) to get the right consistency and let the mask gets rubbery over your face -literally from foam to rubber in just minutes! Furthermore, we don’t have to forget that the freshly made mask will penetrate more deeply over the skin.

5.Nutritious Micro-Algae Shake Tonic by Estée Lauder.

Bilateral formula: Clay and Toner.

The way of use it: Shake it well.

Most of the toners are liquid, but this time Esée Lauder decided to go further and in addition of the classic toner watery presentation includes a clay, the one helps to control in a better way oily face. We really trust and tested the effectiveness of the product, just a small amount of this mix will be enough to keep under control shiny spots.

Photo by: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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