Mineralize Charged Water Charcoal Spray by MAC

Name: Mineralize Charged Water Charcoal Spray.

Category: Water.

Target: Face and body.

How: 1.During sun exposure spray over face or body every hour.

         2.Let the skin absorbs it.

When: During the day.

Recommended for: All skin types over 15 years old.

Pros: Immediate hydration. Easy to dispense. Refreshing sensation.

My favorite because… I tested this water during a summer trip to Japan, the temperature was really hot -around 38ºC- and I was exposed to sun for a long period of time, so you could imagine this -unfriendly- scenario. Unlike to sunscreen protection, I used this charcoal water as many times required (please note this is not an SPF product, you will have to apply sunscreen too), the main benefits of MAC’s mist is obviously the immediately refreshing sensation over the skin -you are gonna be grateful to pack it up in your bag after a couple of hours of walking directly to sunlight- and the most relevant, is that at the end of the day the skin appearance will stay as normal as in your daily life (well moisturized and with no signs of redness) due to the constant hydration received by the water and of course, the SPF formula applied previously.

Price: $26 (100 ml)

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