Grooming Routines Combo

Grooming Routines Combo

Pairing with Givenchy, we designed three routines aimed at three different masculine concerns -and lifestyles. Check the article and watch the videos to easily catch up with the idea of how to apply each formula. Finally, we’ve chosen the exclusive St Regis hotel to get you into the right grooming mood.

For Oily Skins

Key Products: Mask, moisturizer, matt primer.

Type of man: Over 20 years. Bohemian. Artsy. Thoroughly lifestyle.

It is well-known that open pores and shiny -oily- skin are some of the biggest concerns of us when we pay attention to our personal care. This simple and quick routine will mesmerize you with these three effective formulas. Start with the Black for Light Mask, aimed to bring it up the natural brightness within your face (please note, by bright we mean the innate vitality and glow of the skin, not the oily one), after rinse it continues with a matte moisturizer, and finally, to emphasize apply a long-lasting mattifying primer to hide pores and definitely control sebum during the day.


For Mature Skins

Key products: Cleanser, eye cream, serum, and moisturizer.

Type of man: Over 35 years. White-Collar. Executive. Faultless appearance.

If you are reaching your mid-thirties  and want to start to prevent the first signs of aging, this routine is totally aimed at you. Le Soin Noir is a collection of high-end formulas, where the main ingredient is the algae extract. Start with a face cleanser, after doing that continue with a highly concentrated serum to boost and revitalize skin (Blanc for the day and Noir for the night), in addition, don’t forget the eye treatment to pump a glowing fresh look. Finally, apply the moisturizer to settle all the active ingredients and keep everything under control and a strong scented fragrance Eau de parfum.


For Dry Skins

Key products: Cleanser-scrub, serum, eye cream and moisturizer.

Type of man: Over 25 years. Sporty. Easy-going look. Outdoorsman.

For the one who religiously workout at gym and practice any type of sport is part of their daily life, this grooming routine goes for them. These formulas are highly hydrating, helping to replenish all the water which has been lost during the workout. Start with a 2-in-1 cleanser-scrub, perfect to save some space in your gym bag. Continue with a serum to quench and nourish dry skin, last but not least, softly spread the jelly cream for the eyes and the matte moisturizer for face and neck. Tip; Apply a small amount of each product, due to these formulas contains a lot of water if you apply too much the skin will end up with an oily appearance.


Credits: Gentlemen – Franco Cantamessa, Manu Preyra, Jesus Lemes
Film – Arturo Gomez
Photographer – Alex Salinas
Grooming & Fashion Producer – Davo Sthebané
Moda – Theo Frazier by Cavalier Fashion Group
Location – Hotel St Regis Mexico City
Musica Original – Manu Pereyra

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