Authentic Nourishing Oil by Davines

Name: Authentic Nourishing Oil.

Category: Beard moisturizer.

Target: Beard and mustache.

How: 1.After cleanse and dry beard, apply one drop -believe me it will be more than enough- over your fingertips.

         2.Trying to reach the skin, gently massage the oil through beard and moustache.

         3.Let it dry, don’t rinse, and if you want style comb and apply pomade.

When: On a daily basis during morning routine.

Recommended for: Short, medium and long beard length.

Pros: Hydrates facial hair and skin. 100% natural ingredients. Protecting properties

My favorite because… Beard and mustache hair is thicker than one in the scalp, that’s way requires more hydration and the usage of products which enhance the soft touch of facial hair -and remember if you’ve already decided to let it grow, you have to keep it well groomed and with a flawless look- Davines’ oil emphasizes hair brightness appearance and tames flyaways, while at the same time looks for maintain it free of dirtiness and the skin well-hydrated. Best of all it’s an all-in-one product, as you can apply it to your facial hair, also works well to moisturize the driest areas of your body, like elbows and knuckles.

Price: $44 (140 ml)

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