Reasons to Visit a Spa

Reasons to Visit a Spa

If you live in a crowded city like me, Mexico City, a great option to forget for a couple of hours of the stressful lifestyle is attend to a Spa. It will be great wellness and relaxing experience, the one I’d chosen was the Remède Spa in the St. Regis. Here five reasons why I highly recommend this pleasant experience.

1.The Ambiance. Everybody loves exclusive experiences, even if it is only for a couple of hours, these moments help us to take us to other moods. The Remède is a great example of that, the amenities, like the locker rooms, the snacks, and the interior design made me feel into an oasis in Mexico City.

2.The Treatments. Of course, the main core of any spa is all the variety of personalized therapies and skin and body services which offer. The one I tried was the ‘Facial Purificante Para Él’, for 90 minutes my skin was purified with the best products and tools, even they applied a special method to unclog pores.

3.The Pool. If you are looking for a refreshing spot in the city, this space is a great option. The small and intimate place will make you feel like in your private pool. Besides, you will get hypnotized by the amazing view, but I’m gonna talk about that later.

4.The Technology. Maybe you are thinking of wellness and technology, what one has to do with the other? Well, Meditation Butler is a new platform of mindfulness, using a headband, called Muse, which provides real-time audio to guide your brain to meditate, relax and even help you to fall asleep.

5.The View. Finally, the sight, the Remède Spa is located in the 15th floor of the St. Regis that means that I had a great view of Paseo de la Reforma, an emblematic avenue in the city. If you are in the pool or having a haircut the sight will be amazing.

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