Family Portrait

It will be a really tough task to try include 25 brands in a small frame, for this reason, we decided to choose seven emblematic brands which represent the diverse and prestigious Estée Lauder Companies’ portfolio.

1.La Mer (1950s). The Secret Sea. Many years of research and experiments gave as a result La Mer, a brand inspired by the healing properties of the ocean. The key ingredient -and what makes it so exclusive- is the Miracle Broth, a legendary elixir capable to face up the aging effects.

2.Tom Ford (2006). Fashion Meets Grooming. The singular vision of the American designer has shaped into a grooming collection. Luxury, refinement and masculinity, are inherited in every high-end moisturizer, stylish beard balm, and eccentric scent. It’s difficult to pick a favorite one, but we assure you won’t regret any of it.

3.MAC (1984). A New One for Us. An open-minded brand, make-up is not only for women, ‘all ages, races and sexes’ are MAC’s motto. But if you are not ready to wear some beautifying tools, let’s give it a chance to its whole line of primers and light-moisturizers whom will bring back the glow of your skin.

4.Clinique for Men (1968). Easy-going Skin. The simpleness and effectiveness of skin care are embodied in each product by Clinique. Three simple steps -cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize- are more than enough to achieve a flawless skin. Best for us, the grooming line follows the motto of simple, smart and straightforward skin care regime.

5.Lab Series (1987). Manly Beauty. Before ‘grooming’ there was Lab Series, the one and only skin care line entirely aimed at men. A brand which clearly understands and suits the needs of every gent. Their packaging, ads and of course, their formulas are conceived to target the thick and oily men’s skin.

6.Estée Lauder (1946). The Flagship Brand. This emporio originally was conceived to enhance the beautiful side of every woman. Nowadays, successfully continues with this legacy, but in addition, they’ve proposed to embrace the beautiful side of each man.

7.Origins (1990). Consciously Earthly. A brand based on plants benefits which became a trendsetter in all about natural and sustainable skin care -ingredients, formulas, manufacture procedures- . Their formulas are aimed to relieve and treat sensitive skins. Our favorite line is the GinZing focused on energize dull skin.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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