Real Fresh Foam Cleanse Cereal by NeoGen

Name: Real Fresh Foam Cleanse Cereal.

Category: Cleanser.

Target: Face impurities.

How: 1.Pump 1 puff over your palm.

         2.Gently massage all over the wet face.

         3.Rinse well, and continue with toner.

When: During nighttime routine.

Recommended for: Sensitive skins.

Ingredients: The grains are oats and the cleanser is formulated with; Rice water and Safflower, Lemon and Orange extracts.

My favorite because…. NeoGen is another new Korean brand, the innovative feature in this cleansers is that you can see in the bottom of the bottle a bunch of the ingredients in their natural -fermented- form, for example in the one that I’d tried it was full of seeds (oat seeds to be exactly) if you choose other you’ll see leaves, flower petals or even fruits. These ingredients are meant to preserve in a powerful way the benefits of each cleanser. Besides if try to read the label you are gonna see a lot -too many- ingredientes, due to this cleanser is just not water -like most of them- it’s reinforced with rice water, and other extracts -most of them fruits- Lastly the odorless foam formula is a wise choice, because is easier and gentler to apply and spread over the skin.

Price: $19 (160 g)

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