Technicolor Scents

Technicolor Scents

We bet for a colorful and aromatic summer, and if you don’t believe us, just check the latest launches from some of the most popular perfumery houses. Names inspired in colors, the bottles showing an obvious color-blocking or monochromatic palettes and last but not least masculine scents that are gonna make you feel like in a technicolor world.

1.Wisteria Blue. Nest. Taking inspiration on the purplish pigments of French wisteria and Bulgarian rose, the New York-based brand introduces us a strong and romantic scent -an undeniable trademark in Nest’s fragrances- which is gonna stand you out from the other gents.

2.Pure Chrome. Azzaro. Continuing with Azzaro’s dynasty of scents inspired in the fatherly love between a father and his son, now the brand founded by Loris Azzaro, represents this bond with the pureness of white color, adding delicate hints of citrus and woody notes to enhance this manly bond.

3.L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme. Issey Miyake. Yellow was the chosen color to represent the natural elegance according to perfumist Christophe Raynaud. A fresh scent which will take you to an outdoor environment, could be wherever you imagine just spray some over you and let your mind fly.

4.Mr. Burberry Indigo. Burberry. As per Burberry, the new dandy is the one who wants to be free of urban lifestyle, instead, this man wants to be in touch with unspoiled places to feel the peacefulness of life. Amber, white oak and a mild indigo tone are the best formulae to achieve this state of mind.

5.Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum. Kenzo. Following the natural motto, Kenzo picked a deep green tone to represent the bond between a gent, nature, and sports. A fresh scent full of mint and marine notes which awakes the athletic and outdoorsy side of every man.

6.Primrose & Rye. Jo Malone. The fields and raw ingredients inspired this special collection by Jo Malone, replacing the classic packaging for a slim two-tone bottle, in this case, the beige and brown are the colors applied to represent the crops of corn, rye, and primrose.

7.Light Blue Eau Intense. Dolce & Gabbana. The Mediterranean Sea and the affair between two lovers are symbolized in the baby blue of scent’s essence. Citrus, musk and water notes are blended in a great and successful way in D&G fragrance.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

One thought on “Technicolor Scents

  1. Wisteria Blue. Nest. y Promorose & Rye. Jo Malone son aromas exquisitos, me encanta la delicadeza que tienen. Y la de Dolce Gabbana es para mi un aroma fresco para días soleados.


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