Magic Food Banana Hand Milk by Tonymoly

Name: Magic Food Banana Hand Milk.

Category: Hand Cream.

Target: Hands dryness.

How: 1. Use a small amount on your hands (1 squeeze will be enough for backs and palms).

         2. Spread evenly over the area.

         3. Let the skin absorbs it.

When: As often as needed.

Recommended for: All skin types, especially the dry ones.

Key ingredients: Shea butter, Coconut oil, and Banana extract,

Pros: Quick absorbing. Non-greasy formula. Smooth feel. Intense hydration. Cool packaging.

My favorite because… ‘…put a smile on your face’ a quote by Tonymoly to describe some of their products, and I totally agree with this statement, the funky packaging in some of their products are really cool, innovative and sometimes funny. A great example of this is the Banana Hand Milk, and literally, you can see the banana shape in this hand’s moisturizer. Moreover the stylish container, on the inside you’ll find an aromatic moisturizer -of course banana scent- that will keep your hands out of dryness and chapped.

Price: $10 (45 ml)

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