Fresh Ocean by Nivea Men

Name: Fresh Ocean.

Category: Antiperspirant Spray.

Target: Body odor.

How: 1.After shower apply, hold can 15 cm from underarm and spray (2 or 3 times)

        2.Let it dry and wait a minute before getting dress.

When: Daily.

Pros: Long-lasting effect. Refreshing sensation. Odour-Free. Aqua scent. Alcohol-free

My favorite because… A long-lasting freshness, for this reason we loved the new Nivea Men’s antiperspirant. We know that sometimes could be very harsh to find a deo which keeps us dry and fresh during a whole day, especially those ones hectic days. Fresh Ocean is gonna maintain us odor-free all day long due to its ocean extracts and the Nivea Men Care Complex which is aimed to take care of our underarms and keep them free of sweat.

Price: $

One thought on “Fresh Ocean by Nivea Men

  1. Fresa Ocean es un antitranspirante excelente pues cumple con su función de manera efectiva, además de que su aroma es muy agradable.


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