Hangover Cures

If you are of those who enjoy partying all night, but are not in your 20’s anymore, and wakes up the morning after with an awful hangover, here is a great combo of six grooming products that will help you to bear better the aftereffects.

1.Sweet Dreams! We assure that you’ll have trouble to fall asleep, for that reason Dr. Bronner’s Hand Sanitizer is the right option – we know, hand sanitizer?- remember the multitasking performance of Bronner’s products. Just spray some of it over your pillow and it will relax you and make easier get to sleep.

2.Nighttime Boost. Give a shot of hydration to your skin while you sleep -of course, we are not talking about more alcohol- Murad’s Retinol Night Cream intensely improves collagen production, boosting skin firmness and elasticity. Consequently, your skin will look with a revitalized appearance the next day.

3.Energize Skin. Just right after the shower, apply some of this revitalizing oil to your face. Tom Ford high concentrated formula calms and enriches the skin with natural nutrients. Your face will be grateful for this, especially if you paint the town red and just ended up irritating the skin.

4.Powerful Shake. If you aren’t a teenager anymore, we assure you will feel the ravages of an epic hangover. Perricone MD’s Serum will be a great ally to recover and optimize skin’s water balance. The quick penetration of the surface layers empowers the vitality of skin.

5.Bye Eye Bags. If you went to bed very late, we bet the consequence will be reflected in your eyes -remember the thinnest layer of skin is the one under the eyes- lack of sleep is one of the reasons of dark circles. Apply every day La Prairie’s anti-aging cream over that area to keep under control eye bags.

6.Good Morning! The cooling -icy- effect of this moisturizer over the face will feel like being in paradise. Kenzoki Vital-Ice Cream will pump up every inch of the skin. Moreover ginger plant -the main ingredient- enhances a healthy glow, believe us you are gonna need it.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

Posted by:Alfonso Luna-Soto

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