Hydra Sculpt by Clarins Men

Name: Hydra Sculpt.

Category: Moisturizer.

Target: Jawline, chin and nose.

How: 1.After cleansing face, apply 3 pumps over your palms and rub between them.

          2.With your palms apply over jawline and chin area with light pressing motions.

          3.For nose place your middle finger (proximal phalange part) below your nose and press for 20 seconds.

    4.Let the skin absorbs it in both areas.








When: Daily on nighttime routine.

Recommended for: All skin types over 30 years old.

Main ingredient: Caffeine, Baccharis extract (a type of bush), Centella asiatica (plant), and Organic oat sugars to define and tight skin.

Pros: Hydration. Powerful formula. Anti-aging effect. Bi-formula (gel and cream). Two textures.

My favorite because… This kind of product is the best way to prove how grooming products are not magic formulas, Why? Because the Hydra Sculpt assures us a defined and contoured the jawline, chin, and nose, sounds difficult to achieve? of course, but we have to be patient to see the efficacy of Clarins’ formula over our skin, it will be impossible to notice changes in a week or even months, but what we can guarantee is that if you use it on a daily basis this powerful formula -full of plant extracts and natural ingredients- will be a great ally to prevent premature aging and loose skin. Furthermore, the bi-formula is a great experience, the mixing of the gel (fresh) and cream (thick) textures feel great over the skin.

In the photo below you will see a grooming editorial portraying Hydra Sculpt moisturizer over Francisco’s skin.

Price: $60 (50 ml)

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