Coconut Water Cream by First Aid Beauty

Name: Coconut Water Cream.

Category: Moisturizer.

Target: Face and neck.

How: 1.After cleanser and serum, apply a dime-sized amount evenly over your face and neck.

         2.Let it get absorbed by the skin.

When: Daily morning and evening.

Recommended for: Dry and oily skins over 20 years old.

Main Ingredient: Coconut water, apple and apricot extracts and Sodium Hyaluronate (humectant)

Pros: Fresh. Tropical mix. Immediate hydration. Non-clog pores. Oil-free.

My favorite because… Have you remember that time when everyone started to drink coconut water – instead of plain or sparkling water- due to its antioxidant properties, several nutrients, and powerful hydrating source. Now grooming brands, like First Aid Beauty, has started to include this delicious ingredient into its formulas. This oil-free formula rich in electrolytes, enzymes, and antioxidants maintain well moisturized the skin during the hottest days. Best of all, at least for us, is the non-comedogenic feature, and maybe you are guessing: What does that mean? Very simple, this moisturizer doesn’t clog pores, and yes believe or not, some moistures, commonly the ones with thick formula could clog the pores, so if you have big pores we highly recommend you to pick the Coconut Water Cream as your summer moisturizer.

Price: $34 (50 ml)

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