Post-workout Grooming Routine

Post-workout Grooming Routine

We know after workout we have to hit the showers, but what extra bond exists between grooming and post-workout? Following we recommend you the best products -instead of the ones offered by gyms- to make the most of that lean or bulk body.

1.Refresh.Cedrat Deodorant by L’Occitane. Well, we thought it will be needless to mention it, but for those forgetful, a deodorant is a must-have piece that you should wear before and after training. Choose one with natural ingredients, we bet for those with citrus scents- to always smell fresh and neat.

2.Revitalize. H&B Wash by Dear Beard. If you workout during lunch break, you must have to take a quick shower, in that case, this revitalizing hair and body shampoo will be a great option. It leaves you feeling toned and vitalized, and as you can tell in the label also with a bulkiness sensation, due to its essential oils of sweet orange, mandarin, and aloe vera.

3.Define. Shredding Oil by Ab Crew. ‘Tools for fitness’ is the way they’ve called their products, all of them being really good allies to bring up and define that worked on muscles. The shred oil will help you to look more built and define, just remember it isn’t a ‘magic formula’ of course you have to be in a good -great- shape to see the results.

4.Purify. Purifying Gelée Cleanser by Tom Ford. To unclog that sweaty pores you should wash your face with one of our favorites -and best- cleansers, Ford’s foaming formula hydrates and cleanses the skin leaving it free of dirtiness and with an energized sensation all over the face.

5.Hydrate. Post-workout Mattifying Moisturizer by Clinique.They have developed a full line to cover up the necessities during and after train. Refreshing sprays, body wipes, and moisturizers -the one that we picked up as our favorite- are some of the tools that will embrace you to have a powerful workout but at the same time keep you well-groomed.

6.Balance. Ready-To-Cleanse Skin Toner by Givenchy. We truly believe that lightweight formulas go perfect with all this gym-topic, that’s why Givenchy’s toner fits perfect, furthermore, it will balance the pH of your skin, punching aside all the oily and sweaty spots.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

One thought on “Post-workout Grooming Routine

  1. De acuerdo en la rutina de grooming despues de la rutina de entrenamiento, en particular conozco el desodorante de L”OCCITANE” y tiene una fragancia muy fresc y perdurable. Felicidades por la foto es muy buena.


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