Sensor3 Cool Razor by Gillette

Name: Sensor3 Cool Razor.

Category: Razors.

Target: Facial hair.

How: 1.Hydrate your skin to soften hair.

         2.Apply shaving cream or gel or oil over hair.

         3. Start shaving in the direction where hair grows with gentle strokes, do not force it, let the razor do the work.

          4. Rinse well with warm water and apply an aftershave.

Recommended for: All skin of skins, focus on dry types.

Innovative features: Lubrication strip, Pivoting head, Ergonomic handle and Protective fins.

Smooth shaves: 7 per razor.

My favorite because… Today shaving tools are a must-have piece for every man, and you don’t have to own the fanciest razor or trimming machine to have a great performance over the skin. Even the simplest and disposable ones include wondrous and technological features which will help us to have a smooth, comfortable and gently shave. The Sensor3 Cool Razor by Gillette includes a cooling strip -which helps delivering hydration to hair and skin during the shaving-  promoting a refreshing and pleasant shave, of course you won’t feel the lubricant effect over your skin like occurs with aftershaves or moisturizers, but definitely you will notice how the razor glide across your skin in an easy way. If you want to learn more about this razor in its cooling technology, check the video below.

Price: $6.99

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