Sensibio Forte by Bioderma

Name: Sensibio Forte.

Category: Soothing Care.

Target: Face and body.

How: 1.After any kind of intense light exposure and signs of redness over skin, apply some cream over the irritated area.

         2..Let skin absorbs it.

When: Night. This product is a treatment, due to at first you should apply it daily and once your skin has improved apply less frequently (maybe two times a week).

Recommended for: Sensitive skins over 20 years old.

Pros: Quick relieves. Soothing treatment. Skin comfort. Targeted formula.

My favorite because… This product could work as a soothing cream after sun, but in my opinion the Sensible Forte cream is aimed to relieve skin after being exposed, for a long time, to digital gadgets’ light. And if you do not believe it, check your face after being working a couple of hours on the computer, if you have sensitive skin you will notice that your cheeks -and maybe nose- become red, because this face parts became dehydrated easily. To relieve this localized redness apply a small amount of Forte’s cream, do it in a daily basis until the redness disappear. Finally as an extra tip, try to work with the middle or low light intensity of your computer. Last but not least, this cream is not a sun protector, so it will be worthless apply it before start working on computer.

Price: $ (40 ml)

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