Energizing Gel by Davines

Name: Energizing Gel.

Category: Invigorating and Strengthen Treatment.

Target: Hair.

How: 1. After shampooing and drying hair, apply 3 squeezes, directly from bottle, over the scalp (trying to make straight lines with the gel from frontal hairline to crown)

         2. With your fingertips gently spreads the gel all over the scalp.

          3. Let it get absorbed for a 2 minutes, and then comb and style your hair. DO NOT RINSE OFF.

When: Twice a week until the product is emptied (it must be last you around 3 or 4 months). Once you finished up with it, let the scalp rest of the treatment at least for 3 months.

Recommended: Thin hair. As a preventive treatment for scalps with hair loss problems.

Pros: Energizing for scalp. Cell stimulation Natural hold.

My favorite because… If you are starting to lose hair and do not want to spend tons of money in a surgical method -because maybe is too expensive or do not trust totally in it- you could give a chance to some grooming products, there are some really good formulas which have a perfect developing over men’s scalps. As we told you in our article dedicated to hair loss ‘Keep Hair Loss Under Control’, there are 3 must-have products: Shampoo, Mask and Lotion. The Energizing Gel by Davines is a lotion -in fact is a gel, but works as well as an invigorating lotion- which stimulates cells -thanks to caffeine- to slow hair loss, giving the appearance of a healthy scalp and refreshing and strengthening thin hair. As we mentioned in the instructions, 3 fine lines will be more than enough for the hair, and after a couple of minutes you will be starting to feel an energizing-refreshing effect over your hair.

Price: $30 (150 ml)

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