Rules to Keep Well-Groomed Beards & Mustaches

Rules to Keep Well-Groomed Beards & Mustaches

If you had let grow your facial hair follow these three simple rules and achieve a neat grooming look.

If you haven’t noticed, beards and mustaches are the coolest -and most popular- grooming trend of the last years, and we are sure that it is going to stay for a while. So do not over think it anymore and let your hair grow all over your chin and cheeks and be part of this fashionable style. To help you with this decision, below we will tell you 3 basic rules to take care and maintain well-groomed your beard and mustache, follow them and you are going to look like a modern gent.

Rule #1: Keep Them Clean
For us this is the most important rule of all, you have to wash your facial hair on a daily-basis, just like you do with your scalp, to keep away odors and free of dirtiness. Jack Black’s Beard Wash (6) goes perfect for sensitive skins, the eco-friendly formula maintains natural oils of our skin, leaving it with a smooth touch and free of flyways. If you want to reinforce the cleanse treatment, add the Beard Foam by Reuzel (2), it will give that finishing touch to tame your hairs and prepare them for moisturizer.
Tip: If you want to feel like a pro, clean your beard and mustache with a sonic system brush, our favorite is the one by Clinique (1) -only recommended for short and medium beard lenghts-, the bristles clean more effectively than hand-washing alone and you will enjoy too the massage over the face.

Rule #2: Maintain Them Well Moisturized
Now it is time to hydrate and take care of the skin where your beard grows and give an extra boost of moisturizing to hair. Tom Ford’s Conditioning Beard Oil (3) is our bet! The essence of Neroli oil nourishes and softnes the beard and skin, your hair will be well-scented for the whole day and the skin beneath it will be hydrated during the time it is covered.
Tip: Remember with oil formulas you have to apply a very small amount of the product -two or three drops-, if you don’t do this your skin and hair could be ended up greasy.

Rule #3: Give Them a Stylish Look
Last but not least, you should apply a styling product to keep beards under manners! Please be aware of do not apply the same wax or gel that you use onto your scalp, there are specific products for facial hair. For beard with medium and even long length the beard balm of The Great British Grooming Co. (4) is perfect to tame flyways with a smooth finish and add an extra hint of natural shine to hair. For mustaches Oak Moss wax by Men Rock (5) could be an option, just be patient because the wax could be a bit stiff, so you should dab a small amount and rub it until achieve the ideal texture.
Tip: Try to choose an odorless stylish product, because in most of the cases cleansers and moisturizer are scented, so you do not want to add another strong aroma to your beard and mustache.

Photography: Vanessa Nieves @vanessanievesvazquez

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