Effaclar Mat by La Roche Posey

Name: Effaclar Mat.

Category: Face anti-shine moisturizer.

Target: Excess oil and appearance of large pores.

How: 1.This is the last step in grooming routine. After cleanse, tone, moisturize and SPF Cream apply a very small amount onto face -I know this is a moisturizer too, but I preferred to use it as a mattifying cream-

         2. Smooth it evenly over shiny and pore areas (forehead, nose, chin and cheeks).

         3.Let the skin absorbs it.

When: Daily in the morning.

Recommended for: Oily and sensitive skins, works perfect for teenagers with excess oil problems.

Pros: Dual action (hydration and mattify). Matte finish. Sensitive skin. Oil-free

My favorite because… I really like these kind of mattifying products! They are not very popular in grooming kits, but you should start to add them in your routine. As you know most of men suffer of shiny skin, specially if you live in warmer zones, for this mattify formulas are a great option to shun excessive oil over the face. A plus in La Roche-Posay formula is that you can apply it in sensitive skins too, so you do not have to worry of ended up with irritated skin. Just remember, to notice effective results of this product you must be included in your daily routine.

Price: $31 (40 ml)

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