Neroli Portofino Conditioning Beard Oil by Tom Ford

Name: Neroli Portofino Conditioning Beard Oil.

Category: Facial hair moisturizer.

Target: Beard and mustache.

How: 1.After cleanse and dry beard, apply a small amount -two or three drops- of the oil over it.

         2.Gently spread the oil all over facial hair, starting from roots to ends. Remember this is a moisturizer so the oil should penetrate through hair until skin.

         3.Let it dry and if it is necessary style with a pomade.

When: Daily after shower.

Recommended for: We tested the oil in a full beard style with a short length -and its performance was great- Surley Tom Ford’s oil will work too for full beard styles with medium and large length.

Pros: Hydrates facial hair and skin. Quick absorbs. Smooth effect. Flexible and touchable texture.

My favorite because… Tom Ford’s grooming line is one of our favorites for two reasons: First, because was a pioneer brand launching an exclusive beauty line focused in masculine concerns. And second, the high-end line of products imitate the quality and savoir-faire of Ford’s fragrances. Talking about this Beard Oil, the scent of Neroli -flora and citric- takes to another level the experience of a simple oil, being more like an aromatherapy treatment for the beard who is released during the whole day. After a couple of weeks of applied it, facial hair will end with a smooth touchable and healthy look, and if you are planning to let your beard grow this product will be a great ally to achieve it.

Price: $52 (30 ml)

Tested by: Xico Acosta

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