Outlandish -but awesome- hair

Outlandish -but awesome- hair

It is time to go a step forward and give a chance to new -or vintage- hairstyles. Find out next the unconventional hairstyles with a great vibe.

Retro Puffiness: Stranger Things showed us that retro inspirations are the new coolest trend. So you should let your hair grow and when it stills damp, style it with a hair-dryer and spray (we followed the wise advice whoSteve Harrington gave in the tv show).


Surreal Blonde: We suggested you first the platinum-blond style, but now we bet for the extremely -false- blond. Colton Haynes wear it with a great faultless style, just remember that this type of dyeing treatments go perfect for men with strong and thick scalp.


Extreme Faded: Another cool hair-trends was the tapered and faded, now you should mix them and make them one. If you wan to look extremely stylish, take the fade to the limit of shortness and add texture with a pomade on the top.


Wicked Neon: Joe Jonas wasn’t afraid to try new colors, the one that he chose? Neon-Green -a fashion tip: neon colors will be the most trendy for the next seasons- We don’t recommend you to dye the whole scalp, just the desire part, pick out a flamboyant hair-color and highlight your hairstyle.

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