Flexi Definition Gel by Toni&Guy

Name: Flexi Definition Gel.

Category: Styling Gel.

Target: Hair.

How: 1.Spray evenly over damp or dry hair (with a distance of approx. 10 cm).

             2. Work through and style with comb or hands.

When: Daily.

Recommended: All type of scalps, the lightweight formula goes perfect for thin hair.

Pros: Non-sticky. Fast application. Natural hold.

My favorite because… Fashion meets grooming, the origin of this British brand was on fashion runways, with a lot of experience acquired in the backstages of London Fashion Shows, Toni&Guy was founded with a philosophy of ‘know-how’ of practicality of hairstyling products. And to prove it here it is the Flexi Definition Gel, a super lightweight gel formula mixed with the usefulness of a spray, instead of apply the gel with your hands you just have to spray it over the hair, in seconds your hair will be ready and stylish. Just be careful, the first time I sprayed a lot of the product and my hair ended up stiff, therefore only apply sprinkle two or threes times. If you want to target a specific area, spray over your hands and style it with them.

Price: £6.99 (200 ml)

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