Inside the Lab

Inside the Lab

Behind every grooming product, exists a scientific investigation of doctors to create helpful formulas for skin. Find out the most representative brands.

Beauty and science, at first thoughts maybe you do not see a close relation between both, but these industries are more related than you think. For every beauty and grooming product each brand needs a specialized group of scientists and doctors for a well development of each formula. Below you will find the brands who decided that science and doctors would be the focal point of their companies.

1.Skinceuticals. Known as ‘Antioxidant Authority’ Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, focused his investigation in how antioxidants could help to achieve a healthier skin. The result was SkinCeuticals a brand who successfully attack the daily skin aggressors, supplying an extra boost of antioxidant to skin. The newest formula, Phloretin CF Gel, provides a full charge of Vitamin C.

2.Dr. Bronner’s. A soapmaking family. Emanuel Bronner, a chemist, become in the late 40’s the master of soaps, that is why he adopted the honorific title of ‘Dr’. All Dr. Bronner’s products are made under eco-friendly and fair trade politics, and its iconic product is the whole line of bar soaps, which ingredients go from peppermint to tea tree.

3.Perricone MD. Dr. Nicholas Perricone was considered as a ‘scientific rebel’, because he decided beauty, in specific aging process, should be treated as serious as another medical concerns. Following the motto of ‘health is beauty and beauty is health’ Dr. Perricone has been developing high-end formulas with active ingredients, like Hyalo Plasma moisturizer, that clearly counteract aging effects.

4.Dr. Weil for Origins. Partnership with Dr. Andrew Weil, Origins launched an exclusive line aimed to calm and relieve redness of skin. The key ingredient is Reishi mushroom, a potent skin-soothing natural ingredient selected by Dr. Weil. This natural collection works perfect over sensitive skin as a ‘skin relief’.

5.La Mer. After Dr. Max Huber suffered burns in his skin, by years of investigation he created the Miracle Broth, a mix of algae that heal and calm skin. La Mer is a brand who perfectly understands that science and beauty are fundamental to have a fruitful brand. As prove is Crème de la Mer, an emblematic formula who has been successfully tested by millions of people.

6. Dr. Jart+. This young brand started as a lab who only care about dermatology problems, after a couple of years Dr. Jung and a 21 group of dermatologist took Dr. Jart+ to mass market, selling it in Sephora, offering a whole range of lines of skin care. The iconic product is the Rubber Masks, an innovative and cool way to take care of your skin.

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