Grooming Solutions Bar Soap by Kiehl’s

Name: Grooming Solutions Bar Soap.

Category: Bar Soap.

Target: Body.

How: 1. Rub gently all over your body into a light foam.

            2. Rinse well

When: Daily during shower time.

Recommended for: Men’s over 20 years old, all skin types, except sensitive. Why? This soap works a soft scrub too, so if you have a very sensitive skin could be too harsh for skin, if you want to use it anyway, I recommend it every other day.

Pros: Deep cleanisning. Natural ingredients. Strong scented (A great aromatic experience)

My favorite because… I know bar soaps look the same at first sight, but if you are taking care of your appearance, should choose a high-end bar soap. Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions line is focused to provide the correct beauty tools to men, so this Bar Soap really works amazing over masculine skins. First of all the blend of essential oils -cedar, sandal and eucalyptus- makes it stands out from common soap, but most important is the scrubbing effect, thank to jojoba seeds and pumice (a volcanic rock) both are fined grained so this soap works as cleanser and soft exfoliator for body. A great multifunctional tool that perfectly understands masculine concerns.

Price: $15 (200 ml)

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