Legend Night by Montblanc.

Name: Legend Night.

Category: Eau de Parfum.

Nose: Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux.

Target: Body.

How: 1.Spray over shoulders and stomach and joints.

When: Twice a day.

Main notes: Vanilla, Lavender, Violet and Cedar.

Aroma: Sweet. Versatile. Charming. Elegant.

My favorite because…. At first impression I thought Montblanc’s new fragrance will be intense and with a slightly old-fashion scent, but since I sprayed the top notes I could made out a new different mix of scents. A fresh, youthful and contemporary fragrance -of course with a hint of classic elegance- I really like this new cognac-bottle like reinterpretation of Legend scent, more versatile and aimed for a wide range of men’s, from the younger-one to the not-so-young man.

Perfect for:  Name’s fragrance is Legend Night, so clearly it is recommend to wear during evening events. But in my opinion the aroma owns a very cool twist of freshness, I guess is because of the flowers, so if you want, feel free to wear it in a daily basis, or if you rather choose it only on days with a fancy agenda.

Type of man: As I said, Legend Night goes well a wide range of ages. But just remember, you are using a scent for one of the most exclusive jewelry brands, so try to be stylish and neat when you wear it.

Price: $$$ (100 ml)

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