Garanat, Le Gemme by Bvlgari

Name: Garanat, Le Gemme.

Category: Eau de Parfum.

Nose: Jacques Cavallier.

Target: Body.

How: 1.Spray over shoulders and stomach and joints.

When: Once a day.

Main notes: Damask Rose and Incense .

Aroma: Masculine. Elegance. Deep. Intense. Nocturnal. Winter. Smoked.

My favorite because…. Taking inspiration in Ancient Empires, Sultans and Gemstones, Bvlgari showed us how perfectly blends its savior faire in jewelry with the refined art of perfumery, resulting in a new exclusive and luxury collection of masculine scents. Each impressive black bottle is crowned with a gemstone on the top, the most I liked was the one with a gem in granet red: Garant, a color who goes perfect with the intensity and elegance of damask rose and incense essences, the two main notes in this perfume. Bvlgari has proven that is not only highly qualified in jewelry, also shown us how scents could be transform in fine pieces of high-end perfumery.

Perfect for: Garanat is an elegant eau de parfume who can be worn on a daily- classy and fancy- basis. An intense aroma but at the same time versatile. If you want to wear it only in special occasions, I recommend it during evening events in autumn and winter times.

Type of man: For a young-adult o mature man who exudes confidence and refined style. You have to be at the level of the scent -wearing a proper look for work, getting a perfect grooming and behave with correct manners of a modern gent- if you do not fulfill these simple statements please stay clear of the scent.

Price: $310 (100 ml)

One thought on “Garanat, Le Gemme by Bvlgari

  1. Garganta by Bvlgari además de tener una presentación impresionante tiene un aroma exquisito, que puede ser usado en ocasiones especiales.


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